Call for Papers

The First International Workshop on Location and the Web (LocWeb 2008)focuses on all the geospatial aspects that are related to the Web. A location-aware Web will spawn network effects among geo-referenced data models and services, improving interoperability and interaction by providing a well-defined location concept for the Web. We encourage submissionsthat will enable mobile search, search in automotive, special local search engines in specialized fields. The workshop will look at the theme of location and the Web from a macro-level, interdisciplinary perspective. In recent years, the topic of location appears in many communities and is achieving great attention - user-generated content, location-related multimedia Web content, Web scale geo-content mining, and mobile search are only some of these developments.

Topics of Interest
  • Spatial Web information retrieval
    • Geographically focused search
    • Ranking for geographical search
    • Geographical annotation techniques for geo-referenced media
    • Spatial indexing of documents and media resources in the Web
    • Locative spam
  • Understanding and modeling location
    • Deriving location concepts from position information
    • Harvesting and mining location from different Web sources
    • Core location concepts and formal ontologies for location information
    • Location as first-level Web concept; location syntax and semantics
    • Geo-to-location: gazetteers and location entity information sources
  • Visualizing geographically referenced data
    • Geographical user interfaces for the Web
    • Visualizing and interacting with location-driven query results
    • Tools and applications of geographic mashups on the Web
    • Visualizing and accessing localized data on mobile devices
  • Location, mobility and the user
    • Mobile localized search
    • Mobile sensor data fusion and location
  • Geospatial media and applications
    • Web and mobile applications using geo-driven media and content
    • Extracting and using location in and from Web 2.0 communities
    • Social networking with location-aware social software

Submission Instructions
We accept original and unpublished papers that are not under review somewhere else. We accept long papers (8 pages), short papers (4 pages), and demos (2 pages). For paper formatting, please refer to the general WWW2008 instructions, which are available at use the submission instructions for refereed papers). Paper submission uses the same service as WWW2008 and is located at

Important Dates
Submission Deadline: Feb 01, 2008
Acceptance Notification: Mar 03, 2008
Revised Manuscript Due: Mar 12, 2008
Workshop Date: Apr 22, 2008

Organizational Details
Workshop URI:
Submission URI:

  • Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg)
  • Christopher Jones (Cardiff University)
  • Eric Kansa (UC Berkeley)
  • Puneet Kishor (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Mor Naaman (Yahoo!, Inc.)
  • Ross Purves (University of Zurich)
  • Arno Scharl (MODUL University Vienna)
  • Erik Wilde (UC Berkeley)